Why choose Pilana tools?

1. We have top-notch production technologies.

  • We regularly invest into production technologies.
  • We purchase high-end machines and equipment.

2. We use quality materials.

  • We prefer production using materials that have market-proven, permanently peak quality.

3. We own valuable know-how.

  • Long term tradition and connection with practice allow us to build on and use the knowledge necessary for the continuous improvement of the quality and the usable value of our products.

4. We offer excellent price - performance ratio.

  • We seek solutions that will allow the customer to obtain the maximum usable value for the price.
  • We prefer high quality for a good price, not a low price.

5. We produce custom tools.

  • Our know-how and connection with practice also allow us to produce quality tools with a very specific use.
  • We can make tools of non-standard dimensions for very interesting prices.

6. We are connected with practice.

  • We cooperate with selected users while solving their specific tool-related issues.
  • Permanent cooperation with companies from Germany and Finland in the area of machine and equipment development for the wood-processing industry.

7. We ensure tool servicing.

  • Servicing at the manufacturer - the tools serviced by us have technical parameters almost identical to new tools.
  • For users of our tools preferring servicing at the site, we are creating (right now) a network of contractual services.

8. We build services for users.

  • We train our sellers to solve all regular issues that can arise upon an incorrect choice of tools and their use in wood processing and metal cutting.
  • We operate "Tool Consulting" on this website. If you do not find the information you are looking for there, we offer the possibility of contacting our experts directly in the company.

9. We certify our activity.

  • Although our customers do not require certification pursuant to ISO 9002, we decided to declare the control quality in the certification process.

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