Troubleshooting for Band Saw Usage

The most common causes of trouble while cutting with band saw blades is wrong choice of band saw blade type, dimensions of blade or wrong tooth pitch for particular material. The second most common problem is wrong performance of cutting conditions and usage of insufficiently set or dull band saw blade.
In the below tab you can find most common problems and their possible solution.

Most common problem Probable reason Solution
Broken/ fissured blade Wrong tooth pitch Choose a blade with tooth pitch so that 3-5 teeth are in cut
Overstressing of blade Lower the blade straightness between circling wheels
Feed is too high Lower down-force of material on the blade
Teeth are in contact with material before cutting Adjust allowance between blade/material to minimum 10mm before cutting
Diameter of guiding wheels is too small Use a thinner blade
Side press on band saw Adjust manually
Blade friction against carrier wheels Adjust parallelity of wheels
Undercutting High feed Lower the feed speed
Insufficient blade straightness Straighten the blade
Damaged top tooth line Use a blade with harder teeth (hardened)
Big allowance between guiding wheels and blade Lower the guiding wheels
Big distance between guidance and material Adjust distance from guidance
Rough cut High feed Adjust cutting conditions
Wrong tooth pitch Use correct tooth pitch
Blunting of blade Cutting with tooth backs Turn over the band saw blade
High cutting speed Lower the cutting speed
Tooth breaking off High pressure on blade Lower the feed speed
Wrong choice of tooth pitch Use correct tooth pitch
Cutting with tooth backs Turn over the band saw blade
Dirt in cutting material Do not cut in places where dirt occurs (stones, metals etc.)
Twisting of blade Blade stuck in cut Lower the feed speed
Free guiding of blade Adjust the blade guiding


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