The Advantage of the Pilana Tools

Advantages of the TCT Saw Blades from PILANA

Woodworking Tools - advantages

1) Teeth

  • we use sintered carbides of the brand CERATIZIT with excellent parameters of the life span of the sharpness until sharpening
  • the selected silver solder and modern soldering techniques ensure the maximum resistance of the teeth against breaking off from the body of the blade
  • the grinding on oil cooled Vollmer grinders secures a high geometric accuracy and a smooth surface of the cut of the teeth which secures excellent cutting properties and a high lifetime until re-sharpening

2) Material of the Saw Blade‘s Body

  • for a long time now we have been cooperating with suppliers who have a constant top quality verified by the market

3) Tensioning

  • secures a high rigidity and mechanical stability of the saw blade in the cut
  • saw blades are tensioned not only according to the type of the cutting blade, but often also in relation to specific working conditions on the machine (for example horizontal or vertical placement of the saw blade in the machine

4) Reboring

  • the modification of standard clamping openings of the saw blade according to the clamping characteristics of individual cutting machines
  • supplies of the reduction rings

5) Special Modifications

Low Noise Design

  • secures a lowered noise level during cutting and a superior cut, thanks to the limiting of vibrations of the body of blade


  • increases the lifespan of the saw blade by 20% in situations where the stressing of the body by rubbing occurs, caused by the depositing of resins and oils on the blade body. As a result of this, an extreme operational loading of the body occurs.
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  • thermal treatment, which prevents the occurrence of cracks and tears in the body of the saw blade. These defects occur at the saw blades that are used in machines with a high cutting output and with that, the accompanying extreme stressing of the material of the body of the saw blade.
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6) Saw Blades of Non-Standard Dimensions and Special Usage

  • custom manufacturing and the development of specials

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