Present Time

The PILANA tools are made of the best-quality steel in accordance with DIN and ISO standards. The quality is closely watched at each production stage.

For the highest precision the most up-to-date equipment is used: Laser, CNC grinding machines, CNC milling machines, automatic furnaces and other automatic and semiautomatic machinery.

More than 60% tools are exported, especially to advanced industrial countries, such as Germany, the U.S.A., France and Great Britain. The constant attention is paid to the production improvment and automation. These measures, together with long-lasting experience and low costs, enable to offer high quality products at competitive prices.

PILANA TOOLS group consists of several parts: PILANA TOOLS, joint-company provides sales, energy supplies and other service. The tools production is carried out by the firms PILANA TOOLS Wood Saws Ltd., PILANA TOOLS Knives Ltd., PILANA TOOLS Saw Bodies Ltd. and PILANA TOOLS Metal Saws Ltd.


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