Machine Gang Saw Blades – J-Type

Usage: Due to their perfect cutting capabilities, the J-type saw blades are suitable for all types of toothing

Machine Gang Saw Blades – J–Type

Machine Gang Saw Blades – J-Type - Machine Gang Saw Blades – J–Type
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Using the J-type saw blade brings about the following advantages:

  • as far as the tensioning of the blades is concerned, the saws are maintenance free; it is only necessary to adjust potential humps
  • the price is the same as the price of an ordinary gang saw blade
  • due to the fact that no rolling traces are present, the material is not disrupted or reduced – therefore no breakage into the rolling trace may occur
  • it can be sharpened by basically all types of ordinary grinding machines
  • you can attach it to the standard hangs which you currently have
  • we supply it in any length from 1000 to 1600 mm, in widths and thicknesses identical to ordinary gang saw blades
  • they can be fitted with standard as well as atypical guide gibs, the pinholes (perforation) suitable for ESTERER hangs
  • hard-chrome coating, stelitte-tipped teeth


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