How To Find Us

You can find the Pilana brand companies in Hulín and in Zborovice.

When Will You Go to Hulín?
You will go to Hulín every time with the exception of the cases that are stated under the following heading.

When Will You Go to Zborovice?
You will go to Zborovice if:

  • if you have business negotiations regarding these products of the brand PILANA: bodies of saw blades, blade knives
  • you are to load these products of the brand PILANA: saw blades from tool steel, saw blades for wood, trunk band saw blades, bodies of saw blades and blade knives
  • you need to visit the Service for saw blades for wood (gang saws), saw blades from tool steel and wide band saw blades
  • you are a supplier for the company PILANA Saw Bodies s.r.o.


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map Hulín, Zborovice


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