Contacts by Product Range

Circular Saw Blades, Band Saw Blades and Gang Saw Blades

Useful contacts for the users and salesmen of these tools: saw blades tungsten carbide-tipped and with diamond tips, saw blades from tool steel, band saw blades for wood and saw blades for machine frame saws.

Industrial Knives

Here is located all contact information regarding the range of industrial knives. These are mainly flaker knives, chipper knives, for around timber cutting lines, for veneer, shredder knives, for plastics, planing, profiling and blades.

Machines and Tools for Cutting Metals

Contacts for people interested in the wide range of bimetal band saws and cutting tools for metal: band saw blades, HSS saw blades and saw blades for machine and manual feed.

Steel Centers

Contact information for people interested in the Bodies of saw blades, diamond, segmental and TCT saw blades.

Hand Tools

Contact information for everyone who is interested in hand saws for gardening, metal, joiner, butcher and for porous concrete.


Important contacts

Contact information for PILANA official distributors or branches abroad.

Contact Form

E-mail contact designed for general communication (not for the sale of PILANA products and related services).

How to Find Us

Under this reference, we have prepared for you a map and a description of routes for easy access to our company.


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