Circular Saw Blades for Cutting of Wood and Metals

TCT Circular Saw Blades

We offer professional circular saw blades mounted with TCT tips for the following applications:

  • Primary and secondary processing of wood – multirip circular saw blades, circular saw blades for cutting of wood along and across the grain, TCT panel sizing, sizing and scoring saw blades, TCT saw blades and segments for Hogging machines
  • Cutting of plastics and building materials including concrete and mineral fiber boards
  • Cutting of non-ferrous metals including aluminium, copper, bronze etc.
  • Cutting of ferrous metals using TCT or Cermet tips for solid or profiled materials

Diamond Saw Blades

We produce circular saw blades for panel sizing and sizing applications mounted with diamond tips. These blades are excellent for their price/lifespan ratio.

Alloy Saw Blades

Traditional saw blades used for example in the saw called the “circular saw”.


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