Method of Ordering

Saw blades for RP Pilana can be ordered through your supplier of tools, or directly through the business department of the company Pilana.

The following information has to be stated when ordering these tools:

  • dimensions of the RP blade (length x width x thickness)
  • tooth type (tooth profile), pitch of the teeth
  • method of ending RP (slat, holes)
  • for stellite RP the number of stellite-tipped teeth and the type of material to be cut
  • possible requirement of surface treatment by chroming (if yes, then what layer of chrome)
  • number of required pieces

With regards to the relatively high purchase prices of the stellite tools, this type of RP regularly has (if not requested differently by the customer) compared to classical, a longer upper trim (about 295 mm - that is fewer teeth - there are removed those teeth that are in the catch minimally).

It is suitable to use the pamphlet for download for easier ordering and problem free processing of the order by the technical department.


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